Any was born in Curitiba, Brazil. There, in 2000, she became an architect and urban planner.

She spent 10 years in New York City, seven of which working at Etsy—first with roles in content & communication, policy, education, and community management, and later as Etsy's first Senior Maker Specialist. In that role, she explored the creative processes and production channels used by designers and makers, with a focus on small-scale manufacturing of jewelry and printed goods.

She started studying ceramics part-time in 2015, in New York. Before that, she studied jewelry making, documentary photography, and a range of traditional crafts, including kintsukuroi, fileteado porteño, glass, lace making, weaving, and other fiber arts. This body of knowledge was key to her work at Etsy, and has come to profoundly influence her clay practice.

As of 2017, she works full-time with clay and metal. She lives in Seattle.

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Artist Statement

I’m attracted to the hidden intricacies of simple solutions. Often, the value of an object is a function of the creation process more so than the result—craftsmanship, in and of itself, can determine the worth of a piece. In a similar way, the historical context or emotional weight attributed to an object affects the way in which we perceive it. I am interested in this bond between substance and value, meaning and appeal.

In the body of work I'm currently developing, I dive into this premise by creating pieces that can’t be viewed without considering the process. Through the marriage of techniques that don’t naturally relate to each other, and are foreign to the clay practice, I leave out crucial elements of ceramic vessels, such as flanges, bottoms, and handles, and build them out of metal, stones, and textiles. The elements are permanently brought together through cold connections, like prongs and rivets.

Humans have the ability to turn accumulated knowledge into creative output, yet we focus more on the end result than on this fascinating skill. The more insight we allow into how we make the things that we make, the more we will value the things we own and the people who create them. That is the premise I intend to dwell on for now



  • 2000 - Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning - Catholic University of Paraná, Brazil

  • 2008-2010 - Bench jewelry practice - Janice Grzyb, 92nd Street Y, New York, NY

  • 2012 - Documentary photography - Curran Hatleberg, International Center of Photography, New York, NY

  • 2015 - Kintsugi - Gen Saratani, New York, NY

  • 2015-present

    • Ceramics education

      • Matthew Ward - La Mano Pottery, New York, NY

      • Deborah Schwarzkopf - Rat City Studios, Seattle, WA

      • Martha Grover - Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC

      • Amanda Salov - Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA

      • Lynne Hobaica - Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA

      • James Lobb - Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA

      • Ling Chun - Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA

      • Anyuta Gusakova - Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA

    • Soda firing

      • Zak Helenske - Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA

      • Chase Lilleholm - Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA

    • Wood firing

      • Tara Wilson - Ellensburg, WA

      • Mitch Iburg & Zoë Powell - Mendocino Arts Center, Mendocino, CA

    • Glazes

      • Matthew Katz, ceramic materials

      • John Britt, mid-range glazes


2000-2008 - Architect, self-owned practice - Curitiba, Brazil
2010-2014 - Etsy, Inc., Content development and communications, community management - Brooklyn, NY
2014-2017 - Etsy, Inc., Senior Maker Specialist - Brooklyn, NY


2018 - The Teapot Show, curated by Simon Levin - Bellingham, WA
2018 - Bountiful, curated by Tara Wilson - Ellensburg, WA
2018 - The 6th Annual Cup Show, Jansen Art Center - Lynden, WA


2018 - The Potter's Cast: “Etsy From an Insider’s Perspective” - episode 392
2018 - Washington Clay Arts Association: “Selling Online: How to Find the Right Platform For Your Business On the Web”
2019 - NCECA 2019: “Etsy & Clay: An Insider's Perspective”

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